Recap of the past 6 weeks blogging

PS_Artist_In_Action_Event2011Whew! Six weeks has come and gone so fast and I am starting to really enjoy sharing my blog with you. This is a recap of what has transpired since I started this blog. I’ve learned much about branding and social media over the past several weeks and blogging has been an interesting way to get myself out there and create awareness for my brand. I’m really excited to start utilizing the new things I learned such as: RSS feeds, creating podcasts and even Video Blogging. As far as social media goes, I now have my Twitter account linked to my LinkedIn account and my Instagram account linked to my FaceBook for business page; so I will be utilizing these platforms on an ongoing basis to bring more awareness to what I do and hopefully gain some more followers. Apparently, that’s what social media is all about: gaining followers to increase awareness about a product or service. My hope is that I can continue to bring interest regarding the decorative painting industry, so that you can gain a better understanding of this line of work. I would also like to raise awareness about the many different types, styles, mediums of art that are available. Its been nice so far getting to know my audience and I plan to do some really fun stuff as time progresses. I hope you decide to continue to follow me on this blog, as I will be posting weekly now to grow my business and my brand.

Time for a Podcast

podcastThose who know me would understand why a Podcast would be perfectly suited in my blog at some point in time. I’m often teased that I talk too much. Its true… I do enjoy talking – about work, school, family, friends, anything! Perhaps its because I work in seclusion (for the most part) while transforming spaces or artwork for my clients. Aside from the occasional discussion regarding the project at hand, I rarely need to interact with the client during the workday. So when not working, I make up for the lack of verbal communication by socializing with the outside world.  This week I have created a Podcast to introduce myself and my brand to you. Please listen and provide feedback in the comments section!

Professional Social Media Sites

This week, I would like to draw your attention to the Social Media sites I use for business.  LinkedIn is by far the most widely known social media site for business professionals. It is more professional in nature than other social media sites and therefore more conservative.  I’ve had a LinsocialmediakedIn account for quite some time. I mainly utilize it to build connections and seek commissioned work opportunities for my business.  One feature I like about LinkedIn is skills endorsement – professional connections choose to endorse one another’s skillsets as a means of validating the quality of ones’ work.  In addition to finding business connections,  I also use LinkedIn to engage in or contribute to professional group conversations regarding business techniques, functions or administration.  The “GROUPS” feature of this social media site allows many individuals to connect with one another through a common area of interest.  I have made connections with artists through the groups who I never would have found otherwise. Sharing ideas or critiquing the works of other artists is a very important part of the growth experience of an artist.

The LinkedIn Groups within my profession that I would recommend are as follows:

Art Professional Worldwide – The largest curated group for artists on LinkedIn (over 120,000 members)

IDAL – International Decorative Artisans League –  An international non-profit 501(c)(3) association of artisans, businesses and educators that provides inspiration, public awareness and member growth through education, philanthropy and preservation of the decorative arts.

In addition to my LinkedIn account, I also have business accounts set up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and Houzz. You can find these links in the window to the right of this blog post. Feel free to visit the sites and follow me!

Video Blogging for Artists

In order to get a feeling for the magnitude of creativity and talent that lies in the Decorative painting industry, I included a link to a YouTube Video done by fellow artist Patrick Ganino from Connecticut. Patrick is an amazing artist who specializes in mural work in the Decorative Arts industry.  He uses the YouTube platform to produce time lapse videos of his mural work.

Large Scale Murals are incredibly difficult to execute, because the artist must rely solely on a grid system to both draw and paint the mural; as everything looks distorted to the artist close up on such a large scale design. Its not until the artist can view from a distance to determine accuracy, which would require multiple trips up and down, thereby slowing down production. Using a grid system allows the artist to concentrate on one square at a time with precision to execute the mural.

Patrick did this 3000 square foot exterior mural in Middletown Connecticut (8 Large Portraits) in a 30 day timeframe!  He talks about the project and then the video shows the actual time lapse of the process.  Please watch this video and pay close attention to the scale of this mural and the impeccable detail he has put into this project. Follow Patrick to view more of his work!


Blogs of Interest

Patricia at work on a hand painted ceiling mural  Aug 2015
Patricia at work on a hand painted ceiling mural
Aug 2015

This week, I’m providing a list of Blogs that I follow… All of these Blogs resonated with me in some way and have provided me with business & industry insight or inspiration. As an Artist, Creator and Business Entrepreneur, its important to seek out mentors and like minded professionals to help build a business and a brand.

Take a moment to check these out yourself – and follow them if you’re interested:

A Woman in Business: Small Business Success Tips for Women in Business

Painted Houses: A Blog by French Master Artisan Pascal Amblard

Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes: A Decorative Painting Blog by friends Brooks and Dana

South Florida Art Conservation: Fine Art Conservation & Restoration (Palm Beach) Blog

Conservators Converse: American Institute for Conservation (AIC) Blog

Cross Sections: Behind the scenes in an art conservation lab (Stanford students)


Here are additional links by fellow students of a Social Media Marketing course I am currently enrolled in. These links will be available throughout the semester for ease of access and viewing. Consider following them as well.

Brittany’s Entrance to Rookie Blogging – Brittany Husein

Jamieson’s Blog – Jamieson Crane

Living Out Loud  – Kriss Cross

Local Goat Distillery – Roger Wall

Look Good Feel Good – Aimee Elyse Packard

New to Southern Colorado – Darrell Tomlinson

Strange Southern Female – Terri Moorer

The Navy Life of Danielle – Danielle Lindsay

Traveling with Kyan – Kyan Crippen

UnciaCrafts – We Turn Chic into Geek-Charlotte Craig


Stein Design’s New Blog


Hi, my name is Patricia Stein and I’m a Decorative Artist/Conservation Technician. For the past 16 years I have been running a Decorative Painting business “Stein Design” while continuing my fine arts education in the area of conservation/restoration. After moving to a new town and closing my public studio in search for another studio closer to my new location, I decided it was time for me to add training to my repertoire. I recently opened up a new training center in Schaumburg, Illinois and set up a new business named Windy City Studios LLC. The goal of this training center is to bring in Master Artists from all over the world to teach Decorative Artistry, Fine Arts and Restoration. I will continue to run my Decorative Painting business until I am able to book classes year round, at which time I will have trained someone who is qualified to take that part of the business and run it on their own.  This blog will serve to better understand my market and provide information to readers about the Decorative Painting Industry. Please feel free to leave comments or provide feedback.

Woodgraining a Door

Hello and welcome! This blog will serve as an informational and inspirational tool for friends, clients, and the general public with regards to decorative painting, fine art and creative ventures. For my first blog, I would like to discuss a decorative painting technique called wood graining. Wood graining is a time honored tradition of rendering a wood finish on a non-wood surface to appear as though it is real wood. In rendering different types of wood, there are characteristics of each species that need to be identified and studied so that it can be replicated accurately. I’ve included a link to a YouTube video that details the process of doing an oak wood grain on a front entry door. The most important part about creating a woodgrain is matching the color. The color tones in wood are multifaceted, so re-creating them requires multiple layers to get that same effect. I usually start out with a simple glaze technique and add depth with additional layers up from there. Oak graining is recreated using a single layer glaze, followed by a flogging glaze layer. Next, the details of the wood grain are hand painted in and later is followed by two glaze layers and a toner. It’s a bit complex until you’ve done quite a few, after which it becomes second nature. To turn a white steel entry door into a woodgrained oak door is worth the time it takes to render it correctly.