Blogs of Interest

Patricia at work on a hand painted ceiling mural  Aug 2015
Patricia at work on a hand painted ceiling mural
Aug 2015

This week, I’m providing a list of Blogs that I follow… All of these Blogs resonated with me in some way and have provided me with business & industry insight or inspiration. As an Artist, Creator and Business Entrepreneur, its important to seek out mentors and like minded professionals to help build a business and a brand.

Take a moment to check these out yourself – and follow them if you’re interested:

A Woman in Business: Small Business Success Tips for Women in Business

Painted Houses: A Blog by French Master Artisan Pascal Amblard

Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes: A Decorative Painting Blog by friends Brooks and Dana

South Florida Art Conservation: Fine Art Conservation & Restoration (Palm Beach) Blog

Conservators Converse: American Institute for Conservation (AIC) Blog

Cross Sections: Behind the scenes in an art conservation lab (Stanford students)


Here are additional links by fellow students of a Social Media Marketing course I am currently enrolled in. These links will be available throughout the semester for ease of access and viewing. Consider following them as well.

Brittany’s Entrance to Rookie Blogging – Brittany Husein

Jamieson’s Blog – Jamieson Crane

Living Out Loud  – Kriss Cross

Local Goat Distillery – Roger Wall

Look Good Feel Good – Aimee Elyse Packard

New to Southern Colorado – Darrell Tomlinson

Strange Southern Female – Terri Moorer

The Navy Life of Danielle – Danielle Lindsay

Traveling with Kyan – Kyan Crippen

UnciaCrafts – We Turn Chic into Geek-Charlotte Craig



One thought on “Blogs of Interest

  1. Thanks for providing great links to some blogs. Art conservation and restoration seems like extremely interesting topics and I can’t wait to delve more into them with the blogs that have inspired you. – Aimee


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