Recap of the past 6 weeks blogging

PS_Artist_In_Action_Event2011Whew! Six weeks has come and gone so fast and I am starting to really enjoy sharing my blog with you. This is a recap of what has transpired since I started this blog. I’ve learned much about branding and social media over the past several weeks and blogging has been an interesting way to get myself out there and create awareness for my brand. I’m really excited to start utilizing the new things I learned such as: RSS feeds, creating podcasts and even Video Blogging. As far as social media goes, I now have my Twitter account linked to my LinkedIn account and my Instagram account linked to my FaceBook for business page; so I will be utilizing these platforms on an ongoing basis to bring more awareness to what I do and hopefully gain some more followers. Apparently, that’s what social media is all about: gaining followers to increase awareness about a product or service. My hope is that I can continue to bring interest regarding the decorative painting industry, so that you can gain a better understanding of this line of work. I would also like to raise awareness about the many different types, styles, mediums of art that are available. Its been nice so far getting to know my audience and I plan to do some really fun stuff as time progresses. I hope you decide to continue to follow me on this blog, as I will be posting weekly now to grow my business and my brand.


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