Video Blogging for Artists

In order to get a feeling for the magnitude of creativity and talent that lies in the Decorative painting industry, I included a link to a YouTube Video done by fellow artist Patrick Ganino from Connecticut. Patrick is an amazing artist who specializes in mural work in the Decorative Arts industry.  He uses the YouTube platform to produce time lapse videos of his mural work.

Large Scale Murals are incredibly difficult to execute, because the artist must rely solely on a grid system to both draw and paint the mural; as everything looks distorted to the artist close up on such a large scale design. Its not until the artist can view from a distance to determine accuracy, which would require multiple trips up and down, thereby slowing down production. Using a grid system allows the artist to concentrate on one square at a time with precision to execute the mural.

Patrick did this 3000 square foot exterior mural in Middletown Connecticut (8 Large Portraits) in a 30 day timeframe!  He talks about the project and then the video shows the actual time lapse of the process.  Please watch this video and pay close attention to the scale of this mural and the impeccable detail he has put into this project. Follow Patrick to view more of his work!



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