Professional Social Media Sites

This week, I would like to draw your attention to the Social Media sites I use for business.  LinkedIn is by far the most widely known social media site for business professionals. It is more professional in nature than other social media sites and therefore more conservative.  I’ve had a LinsocialmediakedIn account for quite some time. I mainly utilize it to build connections and seek commissioned work opportunities for my business.  One feature I like about LinkedIn is skills endorsement – professional connections choose to endorse one another’s skillsets as a means of validating the quality of ones’ work.  In addition to finding business connections,  I also use LinkedIn to engage in or contribute to professional group conversations regarding business techniques, functions or administration.  The “GROUPS” feature of this social media site allows many individuals to connect with one another through a common area of interest.  I have made connections with artists through the groups who I never would have found otherwise. Sharing ideas or critiquing the works of other artists is a very important part of the growth experience of an artist.

The LinkedIn Groups within my profession that I would recommend are as follows:

Art Professional Worldwide – The largest curated group for artists on LinkedIn (over 120,000 members)

IDAL – International Decorative Artisans League –  An international non-profit 501(c)(3) association of artisans, businesses and educators that provides inspiration, public awareness and member growth through education, philanthropy and preservation of the decorative arts.

In addition to my LinkedIn account, I also have business accounts set up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and Houzz. You can find these links in the window to the right of this blog post. Feel free to visit the sites and follow me!


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