Stein Design’s New Blog


Hi, my name is Patricia Stein and I’m a Decorative Artist/Conservation Technician. For the past 16 years I have been running a Decorative Painting business “Stein Design” while continuing my fine arts education in the area of conservation/restoration. After moving to a new town and closing my public studio in search for another studio closer to my new location, I decided it was time for me to add training to my repertoire. I recently opened up a new training center in Schaumburg, Illinois and set up a new business named Windy City Studios LLC. The goal of this training center is to bring in Master Artists from all over the world to teach Decorative Artistry, Fine Arts and Restoration. I will continue to run my Decorative Painting business until I am able to book classes year round, at which time I will have trained someone who is qualified to take that part of the business and run it on their own.  This blog will serve to better understand my market and provide information to readers about the Decorative Painting Industry. Please feel free to leave comments or provide feedback.


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